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Ugandi Resto - 20m

At lunchtime and in the evenings the Ugandi Resto is just a short walk away and is ready to cater to your requirements. For more than twenty-two years they have been doing everything in their power to make sure that everyone who steps inside is a little happier when they leave. Ugandi Resto integrates Nordic flavours with the Mediterranean culinary philosophy. Two different traditional European food cultures meet here, and the outcome is a true explosion of flavour. Dishes which are prepared by them are exciting and unique, serving to integrate the best features of both cuisines and providing balanced and flavour-filled culinary experiences.

Ugandi Resto is a casual restaurant which offers great dishes, pleasant service, and a tasteful interior. The focal ideas of dishes which are offered here are the longer lives and better health of the people of the Mediterranean and the Nordic philosophy of using local raw materials. They like the fact that the opportunity to enjoy dishes with friends and family is one of the most significant parts of the local food culture.

The restaurant’s name comes from Ugandi, one of Estonia’s wealthiest ‘Ancient Era’ states, which had its centre at Otepää. The interior design is respectful of the area’s rich history, while also characterising modern Otepää. Ugandi Resto’s second floor may also be referred to as the Estonian flag room. Otepää is the birthplace of the Estonian tricolour and, to celebrate that, the entire floor has been dedicated to the national flag.

The restaurant’s summer garden is the largest in Otepää. The summer garden, which can take a hundred and fifty people, brings its patrons right up alongside Otepää’s gorgeous nature, while the second floor, which seats eighty people, offers beautiful views of Otepää’s central square, as well as the historic hill fort and church.

Ugandi Resto has been awarded a gold star by the Estonian Association of Large Families. It is also the finalist in the Silverspoon 2023 gastronomy contest.

Website: www.ugandiresto.ee
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ugandiresto
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ugandiresto

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