• Warm drinks (coffee, hot chocolate, and tea)
  • Cold drinks (water and soft drinks)
  • Pies and waffles on sticks


Ugandi Resto, which offers delicious meals, pleasant service, and a stylish design, is a leisure time restaurant at Otepää. The à la carte menu is bound to indulge your senses, and there is enough choice for a hearty meal. The ingredients we use in cooking are always fresh, of consistently high quality and, preferably, supplied by domestic producers. There is a rich selection available: salads, snacks, soups, burgers, pasta, pizza, main meals, and smaller bites.

The restaurant got its name from one of the most prosperous counties in Estonia during remote antiquity, Ugandi. Its centre was Otepää. The interior honours the rich history of the area and characterises the modern Otepää. Otepää is the cradle for the blue-black-white flag of Estonia and out of respect, we have dedicated the entire first floor to the national flag.

Children are always welcomed in restaurant, they can spend time in the play corner

Website: www.ugandiresto.ee
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ugandiresto


Ugandi Cafe is a small and cosy place with a big heart, located in the centre of Otepää. Here, the air is warm and the flavours are authentic and tasty.

The family-friendly cafe offers the only sugar waffles in the city, along with everything sweet you can think of to add to them. You can find us by the smell of good coffee and sweet bagels. We have a wide range of marvellous cakes, which you can eat in the cafe or take with you. The à la carte menu focuses on good and authentic flavours.

Ugandi Cafe is entertaining, fulfilling, and here, the secrets of best friends are kept safe.

Website: www.ugandikohvik.ee
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ugandikohvik