Thinking of school groups, we have prepared a package that guarantees joy and variety in the school days!

The package includes the following services:

  • 1 hour of tubing and/or zipping (the photographer takes pictures continuously)
  • 15 min group photography (pictures digitally)
  • Free time in other attractions of the park (the availability of attractions depends on the weather and is specified when booking): igloo cinema, skating rink (it is necessary to have your own skates at the skating rink)

Cost FROM 10€/student

  • 10-20 children €15/student
  • 21-150 children €10/student

The attendants and the bus driver tube for free.
The offer is valid in ER (except during school holidays).


For an additional fee, we offer a guided visit to the Otepää Winter Sports Museum (€2/student)


For an additional fee, we offer lunch at Ugandi Resto

Prior arrangement is required on the Otepää Winterplace booking page

Additional information:

  • Up to 90 students in Ugandi Resto. The second floor of Ugandi Resto is dedicated to the Estonian flag, and it is also possible to dine in the Estonian flag room (50 students).
  • The time required for dining is approximately 30 min - 1 h (depends on the size of the group)

Choice of food menu for the student and chaperone:

  • Pancake, tea/flavored water (€3)
  • Chicken pasta, tea/flavored water (€6)
  • Sweet potato fries, chicken fillet, sauce, flavored water/tea (€6)
  • Sweet potato fries, chicken fillet, sauce, flavored water/tea, pancake (€8)

Good offer: FREE body check by attendants and bus driver (delicious soup)


Visit to Otepää Nature Center - FREE!

The nature park is located approx. 3 km from Otepää Winterplace.

Advance booking is required on the Otepää Winterplace page. Group size maximum 30 students.

Two programs supporting the curriculum were chosen:

  • The life of animals in winter (program length 1 hour and 3rd-6th class)
  • Otepää Nature Park (program length 1 hour and suitable for grades 5-9)

Book or make an inquiry - we will answer you within one day.

Otepää Winterplace

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